Is it really as easy as it looks?

pasta class1

I took a “fresh pasta” class on Tuesday nite. And as always, had a blast and can’t wait to get started!

pasta dough

I hope this is as easy as it looked. The class lasted for 2 hours and we made 5 pastas and 3 sauces plus a filling for the ravioli. I used the KitchenAid electric cutter that fits on the front of a KitchenAid stand mixer because ideally, this is what I will use at home.  The ratio for all purpose flower to egg to olive oil is simply and (genius!) the chef recommends making your pasta dough in your food processor. Now this is a great suggestion, and why did I never think of it?

(Same reason I never think of making pie dough in my food processor…)

Anyway, while the dough was chillin’ in the fridge the chef led us through 3 quick and easy sauces. In no particular order we quickly whipped up an Italian sausage ragu with wilted kale and a little red pepper. Next up was an arugula lemon pesto sauce that would make you swoon and we finished with a smoked salmon cream sauce with fresh dill and capers…sigh.

Once the dough is out of the fridge you simply feed the small portions of dough through the sheeter until it gets thinner and thinner. For the traditional long cuts like spaghetti, linguine, and angel hair, you feed the thin sheets through that cutter next. Poof, a pile of pasta! Pappardelle is cut by hand, but takes mere seconds. And the ravioli, the ravioli, is a cinch! Square off the pasta, brush lightly with egg to act as a glue, pipe a little filling into a row making sure to leave enough room between the filling to seal each piece of ravioli. Fold over the top and use the little ring thing a ma bob to tamp down around the filling, making a cute little pillow of stuffingness.


It’s important to lay out the fresh pasta on a sheet pan with plenty of flour. Contrary to what you might think the extra flour is not a problem as it all washes off in the boiling water. Fresh pasta really only needs a few minutes to cook and then the chef advocates that you cook the pasta in with the sauce in a separate pan to layer your flavoring. Really makes so much more sense when you think about it.

pasta trio



bite rav

So stay tuned to these pages so I can show you what happened when I made it at home….That’s a whole new episode!

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