Thank You Pioneer Woman….

Do you watch Pioneer Woman on Food Network? I heart Pioneer Woman….

And so does the Hubs, because on Sunday I turned out the easiest ribs of my young life.

It starts with ….


dr pepper


For me, it would end there too, as I am not fond of the whole cherry soda thing, in fact not fond of cherries (except fresh ones) at all….

However, when you add brown sugar, and chipotles and cook it off to a syrup, blend with a stick blend to smooth it out and then paint it all over some of them ribs…well cowgirls…you have yourself a great item!photo (40)photo (39)


I started them out in the pressure cooker, to get all the connective tissue nice and soft and dissolving and then finished them as Ree directs in the oven, with coat after coat of that nice marinade…

Update: I cannot believe I forgot to take pictures of finished ribs! arrrrrgggggghhhhhhh! But they are all gone!

Here’s the link:

I’m not worthy….


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