Sunday Brunch

I’m back! Enough of this entropy blamed on jet lag! Need to get back to real life…and real life at Chez Miller entails brunch. The Hubs and I have a tendency to cocoon on Sunday mornings, drinking coffee and tea, watching CBS Sunday Morning, and Jimmy Fallon replays from during the week, and possibly see who gets kicked off the runway from Thursday nite’s Project Runway. And usually brunch is squarely the bailiwick of the Hubs, but I took it on today, mostly because I wanted Salmon Eggs Benedict!

It like regular Eggs Benedict, but more grown up. I highly recommend it with a glass of champagne like at a downtown hotel, but I’d be slumped in my chair, slack jawed by noon…

Start with salmon filet that you can poach, bake roast or grill. I usually pan roast mine in a skillet with a little olive oil, some thin pats of butter and salt and pepper. Then I put it in a 200 degree oven to keep warm because you have to juggle a lot of moving parts coming up.
Then I prep the eggs by putting them in Pyrex dishes with a little pan spray. I know, they should be poached, but I curse too much when they don’t come out right, so this way is best for everyone. I cook them in the microwave in 30 second increments so everyone can get the consistency they want.

Once the eggs are prepped you can work on hollandaise sauce. It’s Sunday morning, do yourself a favor and cheat a little. If your in laws are coming, you can make it from scratch but honestly, the mother sauce police are not peeking in your kitchen window…it’s ok.


Keep the sauce on low, push down the toaster with the English muffins, give the eggs their last zap, and get the plates ready!


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