The Old Schoolhouse


Here’s where we are staying this week in the west of Ireland. It’s an old schoolhouse, built by a scion of Connemara in the 19th century. It functioned as a school with the masters quarters attached to it until 1964. It’s spacious and well equipped except for the aforementioned lack of wi-fi. There are however about 800 channels! The house sits above Clifden, the almost Alpine like town, that is the capital of Connemara. High on Church Hill, we can walk into town for supplies or dinner. The famous Alcock and Brown Hotel, is closest and we have fallen into a pattern of ending our day there. Last nite we had a lovely dinner looking out on the main street.

The hotel is named for two aviators who crossed the Atlantic in 1919 from St. John’s Newfoundland, and landed just outside this little town.


When I first went to Ireland in the 1970’s, the hotel is where we went to place transatlantic phone calls. We had to place the call with the overseas operator and then wait for the call to be placed and travel over the transatlantic cable. Sometimes it could take over an hour. We also had to take the 5 hour time difference into consideration. Very intriguing.

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