In Dublin’s Fair City….

Have a little catching up to do because of some technical difficulties jumping the pond, but now all is resolved.
First of all, the little airport in Dublin that I remember when you could walk off your plane and into a taxi is gone. There is a new terminal that is stunning! User friendly, quiet, tech enabled, and huge!

Had a quick and quiet ride into our rental flat perfectly situated at the corner of the Liffey river and O’Connell Street. This city is crowded and busy into the wee hours. We had a quick nap and then off to explore the city on the big green bus.

Line at Trinity College was a little long so we went to the National Gallery instead. Constructed from some town houses off Suffolk Street, it is a stunning space, with stunning content.

Later, dinner with an old friend of my aunt’s at The Trocadero close to Temple Bar.

Sunday was clear, dry and blue skied and bright and early, off to Trinity where the line at 10 am was longer than the day before. The long room of the library never fails to impress, and a new exhibition supporting the Book of Kells is outstanding!

And of course no visit to Dublin is complete without a trip to the Guiness Hopstore, and the entire exhibit is new and interactive and culminates at the observatory atop the factory where you can sip the dark fantastic and see 360 degrees of the fair city.

A special note for this stunning and imaginative rendering is an ode on a pint glass. Master artists planned, carved, chiseled, bolted, painted, sculpted and sewed this rendering of the iconic beverage. What you can’t see in detail is the top of the carving features little mountIneers aiming for the top and the idea of the foam atop a Guinness cleverly constructed from white fabric and Irish lace suspended over the top, looking ever so much like the real thing!

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