Aer-Lingus_cropped_269We’re off! My sister, my aunt and I are on an Aer Lingus flight from Boston to Dublin! We will land about 5 am Dublin time, midnite EDT.

Couple of idiosyncracies about Aer Lingus…

1) Colors of flight attendant uniforms are probably the most beautiful in the northern hemisphere. A cross between jade and teal and aqua and emerald. Beautiful colors that represent the spectrum of colors of Ireland. I mean, look at the light blue shirt, the darker green scarf at the throat, just a beautiful spectrum. 


2) They serve brewed tea on board. HOT. BREWED. TEA. From a pot. No teabag, no lukewarm water. And unlike every other airline, it’s not an afterthought. They serve it before coffee. Coffee is the afterthought.

3) Gaelic is still spoken on board for announcements. Very fast Gaelic….

4) UPDATE: caterers FORGOT to load any hot beverages on board. How can you forget all hot beverages? Seriously ? Warm towels…enough said. UPDATE: Margaret Mitchell said it best…A way of life gone with the wind. and clearly no longer a standard on overseas flag carriers vs. American don’t want to pay the laundry bill carriers

5) All planes are named after saints. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. Still a Catholic country after all…and in no particular order the names are Enda, Aiden, Dervilla, Schira, Mobhi, Kealin, Kevin, Fidelma, Nathy, Fergal, Ultan, Declan, Fachtna, Oliver Plunket ( a saint too), Conlath, Kilian, Eunan, Canice, Ibar, Kieran,Senan, Eugen, Mel, Pappan, Brendan, Aideen, Jarlath, Flannan, Ciara, Eimear, Macarthain, Ailbhe, Maolmhaodhog, Bridid, Coleman, Moling, Caiman, Davnet, Fergus, Patrick, Aiofe, Ronan, Maincin, Mella, Keeva, and Columba. Seriously. I wouldn’t kid you about a thing like saints’ names. ( I actually think the Hubs and I were on the St. Mella once…)

I plan to update from the road, so make sure to stay tuned! 



One comment

  1. No hot bevvies? the world’s gone mad! Hope you are having a lovely time! Glad you got the picture thing straightened out, looking forward to more dispatches from the Emerald Isle.

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