Meatless Monday

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I have to say that this recipe hooked me when I read it on Pinterest and I was just waiting for the next Meatless Monday event to try it out. It’s a WINNER!
It’s kind of pokey to seed the tomatoes, but it’s worth the time. After seeding, cut in quarters, and roast with the olive oil and salt and pepper. Recipe calls for a 350 oven, but I pushed to 375 with no problem.

While the tomatoes roast you can make the basil oil, that takes about 30 seconds in a blender or food processor. You can also get the shallots and garlic going in the butter, which I think makes the recipe so good.


Next cook the roasted tomatoes in chicken broth and the shallots and garlic and butter…yum.

Bring the tomatoes to a good boil for about 20 minutes. While that’s cooking it’s time to ( voice rising in joy, and talking fast cause I’m excited…) break up the buratta and whip in a food processor or blender.


Transfer to a bowl and set aside.
Move the tomatoes and stock to food processor or blender and purée until smooth.

Finally put your soup in bowl or cup and garnish with the basil oil (voice rising and talking fast again…) the whipped buratta ! It pegged success on the Hubsometer of good food.
Items of note: I was totally profligate and used all 3 small power blending appliances to make this!
(blender, food processer and blend stix!)


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