Way Back Machine…August Edition

Because I’ll be away the last two weeks of the month, I’m moving up some of the regular features so I can bring you updates from my upcoming vacation! So here’s what I was working on at this time last August during the great “Craft a Week” adventure!

I started to experiment with needle felting of wool and turned out this simple bowl with simple eggs. Still working on simple pieces of this…

Then I made a template for a clear iPhone case that I could use different papers or fabric in for color.

Then I worked on making envelopes and embellishing envelopes ( with limited success).

Next up I made a huge batch of preserved lemons, that lasted me until Christmas. I use fresh Meyer lemons when I can get them and scrub them good. Slice the ends off and then cut each lemon in quarters but don’t cut all the way through. Stuff the lemon with kosher salt and a little sugar and then put as many as possible into a jar. Pour lemon juice to the top of the jar,and seal. Place them in the frig and use after about two weeks. Great for roast chicken, pasta, all kinds of fish!

Then, lastly, I goofed around with decorating some orange ziplock bags to use for Halloween treats.

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