Charmed, I’m Sure!


3rd in an occasional series on my favorite type of jewelry

This was my mother’s charm bracelet and it’s featured this week because last Sunday would have been her 80th birthday ( we had a nice party with Chinese food in her honor!). So I thought it appropriate to capture here.
This is really the first piece of jewelry that I remember as being “aware” of, as something extra to wear just because it was special.
I don’t remember when she got it, as she always had it. And the charms were always the same, no new ones added in my memory. A charm for a date to remember from what was probably my parent’s engagement. Then there is a nursing cap for her graduation, a lobster from the honeymoon in Maine, silhouettes of my sister and I, and a ranch house charm for the little ranch on Young Terrace in Randolph. And inexplicably, but not totally unexplainable, a charm commemorating a dashing and handsome Irish American president! But that’s what charm bracelets are….little collections of times that are important!


  1. Poor Pete…no charm for him! As the youngest of three, I can totally relate to how the novelty of things wears off by the time the 3rd child comes along!

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