The Princess Bride movie is 25 years old this year. Singularly one of the funniest, and at the same time most poignant movie ever done. I was thinking about it because Rob Reiner has been making the rounds this week and last because of his new movie. The clip here never, ever fails to crack my sister and I up, and when the priest at a cousin’s wedding opened the ceremony with the same line…well we were goners. My mother had to “shush” us and we were old enough to know better at the time.

Then there’s what you can do with the word inconceivable

And what to do when someone is “mostly dead”….

And lastly the best piece of advice you can receive…too bad our nation’s leaders didn’t listen to this!

Watch it for the first time, or again. Enjoy the love between grandson and grandfather, the love between Buttercup and Westley and the love of the group around Inigo Montoya, the Dread Pirate Robert, and Fezzig. Remember…it was the perfect kiss!

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