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I do a lot of driving. A LOT. Once upon a time I had a 4 mile commute, then when we bought our house it turned to 40, then I got a new job and it turned to 150 miles round trip, then I got another new job and I now cover a territory that stretches from the New Hampshire line into Rhode Island and from the “heart” of Massachusetts all the way east into Boston. I can put 100 miles on my car by lunchtime on some days.
You can only listen to the “k-a-r-s for kids” jingle so many times before you want to drive off the road and NPR fills a big void, but I needed more. So I got in the habit of listening to books on tape when I first started my super commute about 8 years ago. I tried learning French on tape, but, alas, not my strongest effort. Listening to books was more fun…
Then I discovered podcasts and things really changed for the better. Not only could I listen to “radio” that was commercial free, but I could listen to things that interested me. Then Internet radio options came along I can either listen now or listen later, depending on the content.
So I thought I’d share my favorite programs/podcasts so you can listen too!
So here are my Top Ten listening, downloadable, or on demand “radio” programs.

10. NPR The Book Show/Books Podcast













And my top three need a little more praise than just pasting their logo up here.

Lynne Rosetto Kasper has been delivering a splendid program for 20 years on American Public Media. I have gotten great recipes ( apricots in cardamom syrup), read great books, had great info about food and restaurants all because of this show.


What can I say about”Good Food” except that I get to live vicariously in Southern California , LA in particular, and immerse myself in that foodie scene. Brought to you by KCRW in Santa Monica and hosted by Evan Kleinman and her food truck driving, food journalist, chef owner friends. No food subject is off limits and you will weep at the descriptions of produce that are delivered every week by Laura Avery at the Santa Monica farmers market.
And ( ta-da!) NUMBER ONE on the chart and definitely in my heart is


I don’t even know where to start to describe how much I love the sisters, all five of them. I remember when they wrote for Oprah Magazine and realized with a shock this week that I have probably been listening to them for about 10 years! I have laughed and cried with them, read books because of them, learned so much because of the Dolan women, that I consider myself a Satellite sister. They have wonderful guests and share their life experiences ( I could share their grief about losing both parents close together, because I was going through the same experience). They comment on current affairs ( I understand Russia and North Korea better because of Julie), defend causes they feel strongly about and basically tie everything up in a great listening package two times a week. I wish they still did 5 shows a week, but I’ll take whatever they broadcast! All their shows can be accessed on iTunes and if you can find the show where Lian talks about her oldest son going to dance lessons, you will not forget it! I almost drove through the back wall of my garage one nite because I was laughing so hard. Look them upon iTunes or Stitcher Radio. You will NOT regret this lovely, informative, engaging, and sisterly time of your week!

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  1. I have never tried podcasts! I think I will start when my commute increases in September. Right now it seems the furthest I have to drive is the grocery store. Thanks for the heads-up!

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