Summer Crushes….

A few things I am seriously crushing on this summer…



Seriously overdosing on the the creamy, cool, satisfying richness of the avocado. I dice one into a salad almost everynite in an almost successful attempt to cut down on animal proteins in our diet. Even the Hubs likes it. I totally wanted to experiment with the Pinterest recipe for Eggs and Avocado Toast this week, but you’ll just have to wait until next week for the review. In the meantime, start your own crush with this great food!



Are ya watching this one? Ok, normally I’m not big on post apocalyptic adventures, but I am a sucker for men in uniform ( the Hubs was one… but not when I met him) and I do totally enjoy a sea yarn that allows you to check your brain at the door. TNT on Sunday nites, totally escapist and possibly forgettable in the fall, but watch for this to make a second season. Eventually there’s total pandemic or a vaccine, but stay tuned!



Not the ones I grill and chase with Prosecco… But the “Netflix” for books! Less than $10 bucks per month and you can read all you want. Libray is 500,000 volumes strong and growing. Can be accessed across all your devices to! Lots of currents and classics available!

Let me know what your summer crushes are! I’ll share them with others!




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