Beach Picnic

Remember these? When last we left our heroine she was plotting a beach picnic and the blackberries were a component, in fact they were a compote!

I cooked the blackberries with a little lemon juice, and some dried tarragon, a pinch of salt and about 1 tbsp of sugar until they were smushy. ( Smushy is an actual culinary term in my kitchen)

Bright and early yesterday morning I tossed some arugula with olive oil, not too much, a little balsamic syrup, salt and pepper.

Then onto a fresh bulkie roll I piled the arugula, some grilled chicken breast that the Hubs cooked on Friday nite in preparation, some slices of Camembert cheese and topped it with the blackberry compote.

And the finished product looked like this!

Happy to report that we had a lovey beach day featuring this sandwich along with chopped farmstand tomatoes with basil, fresh peaches and great conversation with our BFF, L. She and I waded in up to our next like two old babushkas. Yours truly despite sunscreen had no hat on and according to the Hubs this morning, ” looks like you rode with Rommel”. I’m hoping I can even out the sunglasses marks with bronzer….


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