Patron Saints

My nephew and godson is in Italy this week, halfway through a trip for school via the Discovery Channel. Four groups of students from Boston, NJ, Illinois, and Texas left last Friday and spent a few days in Greece, and are now in Italy. So, let’s ask for a little intervention from the following saints for the remainder of their trip…

St. Christopher, the “on again, off again” saint. Patron saint of travelers because he carried the infant Christ child on his shoulders, he was deleted from the roll call of saints sometime in the sixties. But once you have those little statues glued to your dashboard, not so easy to forget…

St. Raphael, the archangel, is also a patron saint of travelers.
The teachers who are functioning as chaperones, most certainly WILL be sainted, but until that time we look to Pope St. Gregory the great as a patron saint for teachers.

While they are on Mt. Vesuvius on Saturday, we’ll call upon St. Bernard of Montjoux, whose claim to fame was missionary work in the Alps late in the 10th century.

Prayers for continued safe travels!

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