Moules ….

The first time that the Hubs and I went to Paris we found Leon’s of Brussels on our first nite. We had taken the super slow AirFrance bus from DeGaulle to our hotel in the Montparnasse district and really had to have a lie down when we checked in. However, once we roused ourselves and fortified ourselves with coffee and tea and went exploring, we found ourselves about 7:30 pm, positively famished. We hadn’t eaten for about 24 hours. And it was February and cold. We found Leon’s comforting green neon glow, checked the menu, and went native instantly. The Hubs discovered Affligen, a rich Belgian ale, and of course, I was content with house wine. Leon’s only serves mussels. Mussels in several different kinds of broth/sauce…French bread and French fries. All mussels are served in beautiful Le Creuset vessels.

I channeled a little bit of Paris tonite when I cooked moules for dinner. Water, Vinho Verde , fresh thyme and parsley from our truck farm, and some butter. The big orange Le Creuset and a medium high flame. About 15 minutes and voila…Moules de Bruxelles!

is it like an egg, when you get a double yolk?

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