Charmed, I’m Sure

2nd in an occasional series about my favorite kind of jewelry

This bracelet belonged to my mother-in-law, Violet. ( Her nickname was Smiley) She was always very stylish and lived for a time outside Paris, just after the end of WWII. I think that explains the French poodle charm and the champagne glass. There are also a couple of non descript charms with”happy birthday ” and “happy anniversary ” .
There’s a replica roadster, which makes sense as Kent’s father spent his career in the auto industry. Then there’s a charm from the world’s fair in New York, a locomotive, which is inlaid with a dark piece of wood. It may be Brazilian cherry from when they lived in Brazil when Kent was in grade school? You can also see a sort of Grecian urn, what might be called an amphora and a beehive.
But the one that makes no sense is the cat charm. She was deathly afraid of cats. She always said it was because someone scared her with a cat when she was a young girl. I didn’t know she had this bracelet until after she passed. I wished I could have asked her about the story behind each charm.


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