Planes, trains and automobiles…..

It’s summer. It’s DC, where normal everyday humidity is about 98%. And thunderstorms happen. Unfortunately they usually happen when I am trying to get home and tonite is no exception. This could be an open ended post because right now the flight that was supposed to leave DC at 8:30 pm is now conservatively scheduled to BOARD at 12:25. And evidently there is a giant storm covering pretty much all of the east coast. However, as a perpetual Pollyanna I can tell you that there are some bright notes….I have found an unoccupied corner of a gate with a 110v plug/s and great a/c. I am sitting propped up with my legs up and am way more comfy than the normal chairs. I’ve had wine, although another glass wouldn’t hurt. I’m traveling light because I was supposed to be on a quick down and back, so I am not schlepping anything but my normal tote bag without the laptop. And I saw this earlier before the real black clouds moved in…

And I have one of these for sustenance…

So other than being in a million other places, I’m kinda content…stay tuned!
P.S? I’ll place the first bet and say I’ll walk through my front door at 3:30 am. Closest without going over gets a prize of unspeakable value….


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