Nothing to show for it…

I have nothing to show from our seafood extravaganza. Nothing except the empty carapaces of lobsters, steamer shells, gazpacho coated martini glasses, oyster shells, dregs of wine, crumbs of French bread, the film of fresh whipped cream on a glass, and crumpled napkins. It looked like this….

And the butter… Did I mention the butter? The tarragon butter that was on the grilled oysters? Or the Meyer lemon butter for dredging lobster? No? Consider it mentioned.
The Hubs and I were not entirely responsible for the carnage. We had help from our dear friends J and A .The weather was perfect with a lovely breeze all afternoon, there were no mosquitoes. No loud pool party at the neighbors…just perfect.
And today…I ate nothing but plain bread, tea and water until 7 pm. I just couldn’t do it….Thank heavens trash collection was this morning. Nothing good could come of that much seafood detritus in our garage for more than 12 hours. It smelled like low tide as it was.

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