Some new favorites….and an old one, too!


New! Twice in the last 3 weeks or so, I have had miso roasted fish ( salmon and haddock) that were both delicious. So I decided to try it at home and for the most part had success. I had two nice filets of salmon for dinner last nite and made a glaze of about a tablespoon of miso ( a scoche too much), about 2 tablespoons of brown sugar ( just right) and some rice wine vinegar. I think I needed some soy sauce and a little oj or something. But it was good, and the Hubs cleaned his plate!



Old! In preparation for a “postponed due to Hurricane Arthur” Independence Day event, I pulled out my trusty mini pie maker. I use it when making a big pie is making too much pie ( like today, but only too much because I have a tricolor dessert bonanza ). Anyway, it’s great for little pies, and especially good for little savory pies. I’ve made great little pies with fruit, mushrooms, cheese, even seasoned ground beef. Unlike regular size pies however you have to cook your fillings beforehand as the pie is not in the heat long enough to cook through like it does in the oven. And Brie doesn’t work as a filling at all…I’m only telling you. Epic fail.



new! The “waterlogue” app! $2.99 on the App Store for IOS. Turns any photo into a watercolor! Fun just to play with!

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