Spectacular, spectacular!

Spectacular, Spectacular
No words in the vernacular
Can describe this great event
You’ll be dumb with wonderment
You must agree, that’s excellent ….
You’ll be involved artisticly
So exciting
The audience will stop and cheer
So delighting
It will run for fifty years !

from “Moulin Rouge” by Baz Luhrmann

Wow….maybe not fifty years! If you are reading my blog CashmereTea for the first time, welcome! If you have been reading, commenting and supporting me for the past 6 months, I can’t thank you enough! I started blogging as a way to share last year’s “craft a week” challenge that I set for myself. I wasn’t sure I would like it, so I have kept it on the downlow for the last 6 months and have only shared with a few people. But it has turned into so much more than a retrospective.

I’ve enjoyed sharing my recipes with my readers along with recent baking triumphs. I’m committed to this sentiment I found on Pinterest one day.

It has been fun to let people know what’s going on in your life. Not in a “look what I’m doing now” way, but in a “we’re all in this together” way. And, honestly I’ve really enjoyed the discipline of writing and planning my posts, even if I’m away on business travel.

Why CashmereTea? In my mind what’s more luxurious and comforting than a cashmere sweater or blanket with a cup of tea. I think tea cures everything…too hot? Drink tea. Too cold? Drink tea. Just right…but with a head cold, or broken heart, or enjoying a good book? Drink tea. Maybe you are even reading my blog with a cup of tea!

I hope you click on my “follow me” link you can see on the page and that you check in often. Please share with your friends and get the word out that I’m looking for readers and I welcome suggestions for posts or projects!

Now for the good part! Because I hope that many of you will share my blog with your friends, and that I’m looking to boost my readership, I’m not above bribery to get there. SO….I have 5 (count em, FIVE!) give aways of baked goods to share with you! They can be macarons, or baguettes, or brioche or Irish Bread. And if you haven’t seen me bake it on the pages of CashmereTea, just ask and if I can, I will. Simply leave a comment, here on my blog and I’ll bake my fingers to the bone for you and send you something yummy. If I can, I’ll even drop it off in person, you never know where my travels will take me!

Remember…come back often and tell your friends! Love to you all! Maryanne

P.S. The rose that you see on the front of my blog is a rose I have growing in the front of our house. I took this photo one morning last summer on my way out to work. I think if cashmere was a flower it would look like this rose!

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