The Way Back Machine, June Edition

Here’s what I was working on for Craft a Week during the month of June last year

I finally fell for the washi tape craze at this time and wrapped up a few small cans to use for pencils and such.

Then I made these little tags out of a stiff linen paper I had scraps of. Because I didn’t have a lot of the paper, just some scraps, I had just enough for one set.

Next up, I made some personalized envelopes for my friend L, who takes great photography. She could use these envelopes as a liner for the mailing envelope, in case she needed to mail prints to anyone.

And lastly, I strung some resin starfish on some twine to give that beachy feel to my hutch for the summer. This same garland is currently among the missing summer decos for my hutch that I am trying to locate.
Yes, I now realize that I missed a week of production in June, or I didn’t document the product if I did!

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