Just Beachy

We left the house yesterday morning with our trusty folding double beach chair, a lightly packed beach bag, a couple of magazines and high hopes there would be no traffic. We left the house a little before 7 am, got gas, stopped 1/2 way for a Dunkie’s run and were 4th in line for the parking lot at Old Silver Beach in Falmouth by 8:40 am. It was a perfect beach day! Little onshore breeze, warm water, cloudless sky and one of my favorite beaches. We both needed an unscheduled, idle and relaxing day, and our totally spontaneous decision at 6 am paid off.
old silver morning
This is what the beach looked like at 9 am! Just beautiful.
We stayed on the beach till 3 pm, enjoying people watching, occassionally dunking ourselves, watching sailboats drop and pull up anchors, and just chillin in general. After using the outdoor shower to wash off the salt and sand and changing out of swimsuits, we drove into Falmouth Center and strolled around looking for sustenance. Didn’t take us long to find Liam McGuire’s Irish Pub. Adult bevvies were enjoyed, Copa Mundial was watched and although I was boring and ordered a burger, the Hubs enjoyed outstanding fish taco featuring avocado crema and deep fried jalapenos. Rave reviews….and the Hubs reports that it pairs very well with Stella Artois on draft!
fish taco
(I do not know why this photo won’t publish right side up..sorry)

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