On the Shelf: My Favorite Reads


I thought it would be fun to share not only my favorite movies on an ongoing basis, but also my favorite reads. Just like my favorite movies I start out with my absolute favorite book EVAH! Published in 1987, The Shell Seekers is a 40 year long saga of a painting and the family that owns it. Penelope Keeling is the protagonist, a formidable mother of three who is more open minded, and open hearted than two of her children. Her daughter Olivia, is sort of the protagonist in waiting. She, too, is more open minded about many things, including her mother’s rather bohemian lifestyle over the years and what’s really important in life. This book epitomizes “Aga Saga” and the descriptions of it’s settings in Cornwall are perfection. The author’s attention to detail in describing clothing, homes, gardens and meals compels the reader to stay at it. Given the right conditions, it could be read in one or two sittings.
Recommended food and beverage to eat while reading: Hot tea and scones or a really good glass of wine
Recommended place to read: On a sofa wrapped in an afghan or on a deck chair on the beach with feet in the water

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