Midsummer Night’s Garden Update

There are some notable successes in the garden this summer…


Rose trees that I took for dead, dead, dead suddenly came to life. As recently as Memorial Day there as not a scoche of life in them. The Hubs thought they were going to sit out a year, and my sister said, ” give them another month. They’re still warming up” from our heinous winter. She was right, first bloom this past Monday. They will need a really hard prune this fall!

I am also having much better success with Morning Glories. Usually I plant them in pots in the cold dirt and am lucky if they will climb the provided trellis and unfurl a few blooms by late August. This year I repurposed two window boxes and put them on the top of the fence. Closer to the sun, warmer dirt, more and longer light has yielded much bigger and denser vines and it is only mid June!

Nothing I can plant in Morning Glories, however, will ever surpass the absolute cascade of them that the Hubs and I found growing across a roof in Napa!
blue mg

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