Patron Saints

More obscure saints of the Catholic Church and their patronage
The Hubs always kids around and applies the names “our lady of perpetual responsibility” and “St.Procopius” to any Catholic church, hall, school, hospital etc, with which he is not intimately familiar. How embarrassed was I to find out that there is not one, BUT two saints by that name.
Not much is known about the first St. Procopius of Scythopolis, just that he was beheaded during the reign of Diocletian. St. Procopius of Sazava was canonized in 1804, he was an abbot and hermit in Bohemia.


Then there’s St. Zita, patron saint of domestic servants.

She gave away food from the household she worked for and instead of sending her packing, her master\mistress joined her crusade.

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