Memory Lane

I had a post all planned for this space this weekend that talked about dinner with some old friends and what a good time we had catching up. It was a group of people I had worked with in hotels in the late seventies and early eighties. But that same day I read an article on line about the Mill Hill Club in West Yarmouth being demolished and thought, wow, remember that place?
At some point in my college years, almost certainly after my junior year, some friends had a house in Dennis for the summer. I was working, but had access to a car and used to go there early in the morning and sleep on the beach after working 3rd shift the nite before. Of course, we went to the Mill Hill Club at nite.
That set the memory wheel going. What about The Surf in Nantasket?
The Surf had a house band, shown here, The Techniques, that played every dance at my high school, or so it seemed at the time.
But there were so many more that don’t even have pictures.
The Mad Hatter on Necco St. in South Boston, tucked over the channel from the Postal Annex. Faces in Cambridge on Route 2. The Up and Up Lounge at the Old Howard Johnson’s hotel in Kenmore Square, now a dorm for Boston University. Clarke’s at Faneuil Hall, all the places on Lansdowne Street before the build out of the Fenway phenomenon, the Scotch and Sirloin on the edge of the North End where the Celtics players and owners used to hang out, The Cask and Flagon and Who’s and David Copperfields for before and after the Red Sox game, Tia’s and The Wharf on the waterfront and Frank’s in Brockton. And then there was the Golden Triangle in Randolph of The Chateau de Ville, Lantana’s, and the Bombay Bicycle Club at the Holiday Inn ( the first place I ever worked)
So many fun nites, so many friends. What stories those disco balls and dj’s could tell! Thanks for letting me reminisce!

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