Home away from home

First in an intermittent series showcasing hotel rooms on my travels, infrequent though they are. I seem to go through streaks where I am on the road a lot and I’m in the middle of that streak. I had a quick down and back to corporate HQ to support our charitable foundation. I met a colleague in the afternoon to do some work and then had a quick turnaround time to change before dinner.

Here’s the desk in my room that pretty much becomes command central in all my hotel rooms. I was staying at a Springhill Suites, the suites brand for Marriott. Part of the brand is that you get a little sitting room ( a.k.a. couch and coffee table) but you also get a mini fridge and a bathroom that you can hold a cocktail party in.

As always I have a beef with pillows and their poufy factor. I prefer to sleep on pillows that are the same density and firmness as a cement block and these four matching marshmallows just didn’t cut it. Nice to see however that Marriott changes out the duvet cover for summer to a lovely seersucker, clean, bright white, light. Other things I like is that I can walk to HQ, easy on/off highway, free wi-fi and did I mention the mini fridge? Back to HQ next week but not same hotel so more room views to follow!

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