The world is mine oyster….


Late last summer, the Hubs and I arranged a getaway in the middle of the week after Labor Day to get to Maine for a few days. We had all been caring for my father and took turns letting each other escape for a few days. One of the places we went was Boothbay Harbor, where my parents had honeymooned, and where we found the ne plus ultra of oyster restaurants. Fittingly called The World is Mine Oyster it was a huge joint, with multiple decks overlooking the coves and harbor of the town. We opted for deck seating which eventually had to be abandoned because of a downpour, but we could still see the harbor tour boats and huge evergreens rose up opposite where we were sitting. It was overcast and a little damp, but other than Moran’s on the Weir in Kilcolgan, Co. Galway, we had the best oysters of our young lives. They arrived woodfire baked with a tarragon cheese butter bubbling on top. I have been obsessed ever since. Like I dream about my Nana’s tinker mackerels, I dreamt about these oysters.
And then I got the flyer from Sur La Table advertising an oyster grilling pan and we were off to the races. It came in the mail on Thursday and this morning we took ourselves off to Wegman’s where an obliging young man by the name of Nick shucked a half dozen each of Merry oysters from Duxbury and Blue Points from Long Island.


While the Hubs waited for the shucking to be complete, I ventured over to wine where two additional obliging employees recommended the Rodney Strong Charlotte’s House 2012 Sauvignon Blanc. Full of a minerally terroir, it was just what the oysters needed as accompaniment. I made a tarragon butter with butter, a bit of Kosher salt and pepper, a little garlic and red pepper. Once we heated the grill, we put the pan with the oysters and butter on high for about 8 minutes till they were bubbly. Once cooked we added a
generous squeeze of lemon and we got the briny, sweet baked goodness we had dreamed about all mopped up with fresh French bread.


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