Sparkly Things

So my bestie, L, recently sent me a link to a Martha Stewart craft page called “that’s a wrap” that featured beautiful downloadable graphics that she (Martha) suggests get printed on vellum paper. Martha then advocates that the vellum be wrapped around little nosegays. Vellum paper is easily found in paper and craft stores and can be printed on your home printer. This project is really a very cute idea and will absolutely enhance the disposition of the recipient, however it could get a tad expensive. But I thought I could use the graphics and print them onto a clear label sheet and then cut to size to fit some glassine bags that I keep on hand. The graphics are really very lovely.
vellum graphics
I added some sparkly things. Of course I incorrectly thought I had no vellum, but of course found acres of it after I had wrapped up my first batch of bags! I think I still need to add a bit of rickrack or ribbon. Not sure. I can’t wait to make some lemon macarons or a jar of lemon curd to put in the lemon bag as a gift for someone special!lemon bags 1

**Author note** if you received this post twice tonite, my apologies.User error!

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