Just a note…

One morning last week I went to jot a grocery list, or write down a phone number or something and found myself without a single, solitary piece of scrap or note paper. How could this happen? In the same seven day stretch I also disconcertingly found the pantry devoid of spaghetti. How could this happen? It happened because I didn’t have a grocery list on note paper in perpetual use….but I digress.

So last night, with the Red Sox / Braves game in the background, I whipped up a few pads of paper to leave in all the important places in the house. My BFF, L, taught me how to make personalized notepads a few years ago following a class she took in book binding. Here’s what you need:


First, you need to design your paper pads using Publisher or another software tool on your PC or Mac. You can insert a favorite picture you took, or a graphic or even an image that you scanned (give credit where credit is due). You can lay them out in long skinny notes or 4 up, which is 4.25″ x 5.5″ in size. You can even do a whole sheet of paper!

Once you have all your sheets together, make sure all pages are facing in the same direction.


Then you cut. Now the best way to do this is to put a piece of cardboard after about 25 pages of your paper and then take it to your local Kinko’s or Staples and have them make the cuts with their giant scimitar. But tonite I just used my trusty Purple Cow paper cutter.


I got the pages cut into 4 pieces each and then stacked them. Then I scored and cut the cardboard backs to match the pads.


Then you make sure the top edges are all even using a flat surface to shuffle against. Once you are sure the top is even, clip both sides using large binder clips. Did you make sure the top is even? Good. How about the clips? Are they tight? Good.


Then you brush the bindy glue onto the top of the pad and let it dry overnite. It will dry clear, no fear. After a few hours you will have a big set of notepads that look like this!


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