Crab shooters…the appetizer

The Hubs and I hosted a little beginning of summer party on Sunday at our house. I made some old favorites (grilled salmon and burgers) but also tried some new items that I hadn’t made before and the next couple of weeks, I’ll highlight some of the food we had at the pahty. That’s Boston for party.

First up, I made some easy, peasy crabmeat shooters. I had a couple of cans of crabmeat in the fridge. (Because that’s the kind of cook I am…never know when you are going to make crab cakes…) You have to really squeeze the meat good to get rid of extra moisture. I mixed in some mayo and lemon pepper for seasoning. I added a slice of avocado to each glass and garnished with a little candied orange peel.


Just a note on prepping avocado so it doesn’t turn brown. I read a great article recently, can’t remember where, that in order to keep avocado green while you are prepping it, you have to keep oxygen away from it. Easiest way to do that is to submerge it in water! Works like a charm!

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