A taste of Tuscany …right in your kitchen

Honestly I’ve been making bruschetta so long, I don’t even remember where I got my “recipe”, a term I use very loosely.
When I worked in catering we used to make this with cheese and chicken, or was that crostini? Anyway..
Start with either cherry, grape or Campari size tomatoes. In the late summer you can use the ones you are growing in your garden or in pots on your fire escape, balcony or deck, and it will be extra delicious. Or you can buy them at a farmer’s market, but do all you can to use fresh, locally grown!


The rest of the ingredients you need are right in your pantry. Some good EVOO, a dash of balsamic vinegar, fresh ground sea salt and fresh ground pepper, and…drum roll…basil and garlic!


These frozen cubes of basil and garlic by Dorot can be found at Trader Joe’s and some other markets, and if it is summer and I have fresh basil, I will use it. But the cubes are just so darn handy!

Experiment with the ratios that you like, but you can’t mess it up! Grill some sliced French or Italian bread and pile this on! It is the taste of pure summer, long twilight, warm sun, and fresh ingredients. Simple and satisfying.

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