Cactus Flower


A very long time ago, when I was young…very young, my aunt purchased a Christmas cactus for her mother, my Nana.
Nana kept that cactus going, growing and green for a long time. It had pride of place in the dining room window, where the light was filtered by Nana’s lace curtains. After Nana died, my aunt took the cactus to her house. The cactus thrived in her house also and grew to be quite large. In the summer, my aunt would put what was, by now, a quite large pot and cactus on her front stoop.
At some point I asked for a cutting from the cactus, and got one in a lovely pot from my aunt, which promptly turned up its’ toes and died. The plant here is the second attempt of a cutting and this one has done very well. It is now about 15 years old, a perky teenager of a plant, living in our front living room window, where the light is filtered by lace curtains.
Some things are classic.

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