Light my fire


Now that our outdoor living room is open for the season, we are getting ready to fire up the outdoor fireplace. We use a combination of a little wood kindling, some presto logs, and some imported Irish turf briquettes. Turf was the traditional fuel of Irish homes for centuries and if you visit Ireland you can smell it in the air and see it being cut in the fields all over the country. Central heating is more widely found than even a generation ago in Ireland, but you can still find turf everywhere in the country. Too bad there is such a debate raging in the last year about turf cutting.


First, the turf is cut into bricks in the bog.


Then it is stacked to dry by the side of the bog. Then it’s collected and burned in the home hearth.


And thanks to the internet, express shipping, Amazon Prime, and modern turf harvesting, we get a little peaty smoke and homey warmth on our patio, and delivered right to our front door!


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