Macarons, the Magnificent Obsession ( part 5)


Well I had some egg whites winking at me last week after I separated them from their yolks for the sake of pastry cream. Macaron maker that I am, I couldn’t not use the whites, that would be sacrilege. So I let them come up to room temp and as always the formula worked to perfection! This month’s twist is that I used a new silicone mat that has whoopie pie shaped circles to fill.
This month’s flavor is espresso with buttercream and sea salt caramel filling. I really need to be more diligent about piping the filling. Using an offset spatula to fill them is less pokey, but not as darling as piping. Yes I just used “darling” to describe a baking component. There is no hope for this obsession….

Just to recap the first five macarons of the month favors:
January – lavender with buttercream and edible pearl dust

February – chocolate with raspberry and chocolate ganache

March – Irish tricolor with vanilla, orange and lime buttercream

April – lemon raspberry

And now May!


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