Patron saints…

I believe in patron saints. They are part of my faith, and really, what’s not to love about subject matter experts with just a bit more than a vested interest in a place or profession or purpose? (I wonder if there is a patron saint of alliteration…). I don’t know why I started to think about patron saints to the point that I needed to do some research, but I thought I would just share some with you, including my new favorite that features a major coincidence.

First, some of the more famous like St. Patrick, patron saint of Ireland


And St. Nicholas, our Christmas saint


And Catholics put great store in St. Jude, the patron saint of lost causes


Some saints make a lot of sense like St. Gabriel the archangel as the patron saint of messengers.


And even though cold and flu season would be in full swing by the time his feast day came around on February 3rd, the priest would still come to our classrooms in grammar school to bless our throats and guard against illness.


PBS paid homage to the patron saint of midwives on their hit series “Call the Midwife” by naming the residence for the nuns and nurses, Nonnatus House, after St. Raymond Nonnatus.


But my new favorite saint is St. Honoratus of Amiens, the patron saint of bakers and confectioners! And I share my confirmation name ( Honor) with this saint. How about that!


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