The quest for peche ( that’s French for peach and it’s pronounced pesh)

For the better part of twenty or more years I have been mildly ( meaning, whenever it crosses my mind) obsessed with a dessert I consumed maybe 3 times. I first had it at a brunch with some women I worked with at someone’s apartment, one Sunday morning. She had gotten it in a now long defunct bakery whose name I can’t recall. But it was made by a semi famous pastry chef in Boston named Delphine Gomes. I had it a couple of other times and then moved on to other dessert obsessions. It was known only as Peche and you had to order them like a week ahead of when you needed it.
My imperfect memory tells me it was as big as a baseball, was made of brioche, had pastry cream in the middle, might have had jam, was tinted on the outside to look like a peach and was rolled in sugar to simulate peach skin. I thought it was exquisite and in my fevered brain thought I might be able to replicate it, but there was that one small detail about the ability to make brioche….but that has been solved with my recent class, so I said to myself, give it a try.


As this is a project in progress, I gave myself full permission to make mistakes. The first thing I did was try to figure out a way to be able to make the brioche round, and what size would be optimal. I tried some in both metal and silicone muffin cups along with just free form dough balls. Muffin tins gave a more consistent look and the size is about where I think I want the finished product to be. I might be able to do free form ones that are rolled and tucked in a more traditional way also. Dough is the same, but cooking time, as expected is way less.

Next, I cut the finished brioche and matched them by size and got my jam, sugar, gel color, and yesterday’s pastry cream together.


Then I started tinting, first yellow, then pink. The gel is mixed with half and half.

Then I pinched a little out of the middle of each half and piped in the pastry cream, then spread jam to be the glue and again tried to align the halves, with modest success.

Then I rolled each “peach” in superfine sugar.

These are real peaches

This was the closest thing I could find on Pinterest, but they are listed as cookies, not pastry.


Here’s my finished peche. I got about 15 whole peche from one batch of dough. I need to solve the consistent size and sphere issue of the dough, and have to come up with a stem and leaf solution, probably either marzipan or fondant, not sure. You’ll have to stay tuned!
Not bad for the first draft! What do you think?

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