My card, madam….


I like to have my own calling cards, like women used to before the First World War. It makes it so much easier when you want to exchange phone numbers or email addresses. No scrambling for a pen, etc. I had some ones that I had printed professionally in the past but they are almost gone. I decided I could make my own and I wanted to make them a little more personal. I took what I liked from my old card (rounded corners and grey font color) and added my own photography and some revised information. For instance, I added my blog site and deleted my home phone number. I’m thinking seriously of dropping our landline, now that my parents are gone and the Hubs and I use our iPhones almost exclusively. If it wasn’t for Zoots calling for dry cleaning pick up two times a week, it would only be my aunt calling. Even my siblings and I communicate more on our cells, which we did by necessity when our parents were ill, and none of us were home. If I could I would use glossier and thicker card stock, as the card stock for home printers just doesn’t seem thick enough. If I stick with this design I might have them professionally done and maybe have the edge of the roses laser cut!

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