The Way Back Machine April Edition

Here’s what I was working on for the great “craft a week” project last year during the month of April.

First I made this little Bunny jar using an old Bonne Maman jam jar, and then attached a little plastic leaping rabbit with some super duper glue and then spray painted the whole top.


Then because I could do some planting oh so much earlier than I have been able to this year, I made a little bunny garden with some beautiful Irish moss .

I found a pine branch in the backyard that had fallen in some storm over the winter and painted it silver. I used it all summer to hang little pink votive holders that lit all our after dark meals and conversations all summer.

My mother’s favorite store ( other than the Christmas Tree Shop) was Lord and Taylor. She loved it, and always found a bargain. I remember one year on the nite before Thanksgiving, we fed my father and the Hubs, and off we went to shop our brains out. I think she finished half her shopping that nite. So last spring, after my father had closed out her account, I asked for her card. I framed it and it hangs in my dressing room. It makes me smile every morning.

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