Et Voila! Part 2


This could be my favorite bread….really. Brioche was the second part of the “French Favorites” class I took 2 weeks ago, and it has a longer production time than a baguette. But it is so worth it!

Friday nite I made the starter…easy peasy. Because the windows in the house are open now I put the mixing bowl on top of the stove for an hour to be out of the draft. It doesn’t rise a lot, but it needs to start bubbling up.
Then the remainder of flour, eggs and all this butter….

Yes, I know, but I said it was worth it didn’t I?

Incorporating the butter takes about 20 minutes and then you crank up the mixer till you hear the dough make the telltale THWAP, THWAP, THWAP against the side of the bowl. You can also see that the dough has become very soft and smooth.

Then you fold it a few times to strengthen the gluten and into a lightly greased bowl for 4 to 16 hours in the fridge.
Yesterday morning I took the dough out of the fridge and it had puffed up nicely, but more importantly , as promised the dough had hardened up.

Into the loaf pan for another hour to rise before baking.

All brioche gets egg washed but my instructor recommended a mix of egg yolk and heavy cream. Who am I to argue? What’s a little cream after half a pound of butter in the dough?

60 minutes later from a 375 degree oven, I pulled this beautiful, delicious, eggy, buttery loaf of bread !


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