The Bronx is up and the Battery’s down…


I had a quick trip down to New York City this week for a dinner connected with my company ( at the Waldorf Astoria no less!) Why did we ever abandon train travel for jets in this country? It is oh so much more civilized to travel by rail, at least on the northeast corridor. Conductors are much friendlier than most (not all) airline staff, seats are much more accommodating, you can stretch out, etc. Heck even the bathrooms aren’t bad. And Penn Station at any time of day or night could be a perpetual documentary on Netflix! Just dial in to the Penn Station channel and watch LIFE go by!

20140403-133903.jpgI did manage to eek out a couple of hours for myself and had booked my hotel room with one purpose…be able to walk to Eataly, Mario Batali’s bastion of praise for Italy and the food of Italy.

20140403-134629.jpg Of course I had to buy the Hubs a souvenir!

Wall of anchovies….all anchovies, all the time.

20140403-134954.jpg Piles of imported cakes for Easter

20140403-135155.jpg from the other side of the store I thought these shelves held wine. Was I wrong! It’s the olive oils. And these shelves have backsides to them!

I could only hope tomatoes that I grow ever looked this good

A girl needs to eat lunch…brisket with salsa verde from the rotisserie stand.
Whole chickens available everyday along withe prime rib sandwiches, and the third item rotates between 5 or 6 other roast meats like porchetta and lamb.
Based on the amount of product I saw on the shelves, I think Mario goes on a buying trip once or twice a year and orders up a couple of seagoing containers of product to stock his emporium.

And on my walk back to my hotel I saw these ribbons tied to the fence of the Marble Collegiate Chapel on Fifth Ave. The ribbons honor members of US armed forces serving overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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