Poolish and other things


Although I consider myself fairly accomplished in the kitchen and am pretty confident when faced with most recipes. I have never, until last year, considered myself a baker. Ok, I could make brownies or cookies or quick breads (like Irish soda bread) , basically things that weren’t too fussy and didn’t need a lot of time to complete. I wanted to be able to make Irish bread without looking at my recipe and I perfected that a few years ago. Then I became obsessed with French macarons , took a class to learn how to make them, and now feel pretty accomplished when making them.

But I had never, ever tried a yeast dough bread, much less the iconic French baguette. So given my success with macarons, the fussiest of fussy baking, I took a class this weekend in French bakery favorites. The instructor was excellent and personable and able to relate to the class. The class also only had 9 students, so it was very hands on and tactile. I enjoyed every, single minute and 4 hours flew by. At the end of class everyone got deux baguettes and deux brioche rolls. I’m hooked and can’t wait to get started on my new skill! Watch this space for updates on how it goes!


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