This could be the star of something big….


Opening day of baseball season is just about 24 hours away. I am perpetually committed to the idea that opening day really should be a national legal holiday. I mean, who couldn’t benefit from sleeping a little late, having a little eye opener with your breakfast as you read the day’s lineup and special interest stories ( quick…Globe or Herald?)
Then a nice stroll or drive to a favorite watering hole where you can surround yourself with like minded individuals, a nutritionally empty lunch of hot dogs or Italian sausage and maybe a sports bar for dessert. No gifts, no cooking, no heavy lifting of traditional holidays. Just a chance to sniff the air for a whiff of warmth and growth, anticipate long twilight evenings with the reassuring background of the radio or television, and maybe take a little snooze during the middle innings.

In college, my crowd always did one of two things. If we were flush we played hooky from afternoon classes and went to Fenway and bought last minute seats in the bleachers for ridiculously low prices (it was the 70’s).

If we were not so flush, we still played hooky but went to the Red Hat and drank 80 cent beers and watched the game on the black and white tv behind the bar. Black and white. Screen size approximately the same size as my current laptop screen.



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