It never rains in Southern California…

Except when it does. And when it does, it is an EVENT, let me tell you. I have been home from the gentle climate of my friend L’s house for a week now and this morning woke up to temperatures BELOW zero. Again. And snow. Again.
Even if it does rain in Cali, the temperature is a lovely, non shivering 60 or 70 degrees. You can get the mail without a scarf. Heck you can get the mail without shoes!
The point of this is not really all about the weather but is in fact about the many things that I believe Cali does better.
The list is as follows:

1) Streets and highways. No potholes or plow scraped tarmac. No salt obscured reflectors. Just thousands of miles of streets that connect at right angles, with working lights and lighted (gasp!) street names. Oh, and did I mention the seemingly mile long on ramps to highways so that you can actually merge with traffic vs. being catapulted into the middle of four lanes.


2) Better Costco stores. Look, all you have to know is that the snack bar is on the outside of the store. And they have much wider selection of everything including


3) Better and bigger Trader Joe’s stores. In so many ways….More booze, more products, just more. And every town has one or more. Honestly, in California, it’s like a CVS or Walgreens.


Did you know you can get this at Trader Joe’s?


Genius. Pork Belly. For the masses. Genius

4) Nirvana…I mean Roger’s Gardens. Orange County. Corona del Mar.



This is the place I took all the pictures of hydrangeas that I posted last week. The center is full of flowers and fountains, and beautiful gifts, pots, candles, books, and seasonal items. This is a treat no matter what time of year I visit and if I ever hit the seven lucky numbers, I would buy a house on this street. Ocean on one end. Nirvana on the other.


5) The Oscars. I know everyone sees the same show. But in California you can watch the red carpet over breakfast practically and the show itself is over at the respectable hour of 8 p.m.

That’s all. Just wanted to let you know how I felt about it. We do have one secret weapon that is scarce in lotus land. Wicked pissah.


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