Beauty Lab #1


I spent last weekend in the beauty and sunshine of Southern California and will give you a complete report during the week. However I wanted to share one of my better  purchases , when  I ( and my bestie L) spent a considerable amount of time in Nordstrom at South Coast Plaza in Orange County.

It was a try on shoes, poke around handbags and small leather goods, check out spring makeup color kind of visit and while L was buying some hair accessories, I wandered into what I call the “independent” part of cosmetics. In my youth it was where they sold Vitabath and Barielle products. Now it’s Philosophy, nail polish, Clarisonic products and more. I had already bought lovely Jo Malone fragrances, when I happened upon a stand of cool spring nail polishes. The incredibly well dressed, beautifully made up salesperson introduced me to the ungel “gel” manicure kit by Deborah Lipmann. No lights, no acetone soak, no soft nails. And (bonus!) you can use this kit with any brand or color of nail polish!


I did a remedial mani on Thursday nite and so far so good. I used the kit and my recently resurrected bottle of OPI “20 candles on my cake”, a great pinky red. Very classic. My nails don’t have that hard as steel feel that a salon gel feels like, but they are shiny and hard enough and unchipped after a full two days of shopping, cooking and cleaning along with regular use. The only trick is letting each coat dry for a full 60 seconds, but what’s 60 seconds when you’re watching “Scandal”?


I can’t wait for my next pedicure so I can have this fun color on my toes! I bought it when I bought the gel kit. Very summery and beachy and called “Mermaid Dream”. Reminds me of a Disney movie….

I’ll let you know how the gel holds up. Stay tuned!

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