The way back machine….February 2013 edition

Originally I had started this blog to share my Craft a Week adventures from last year, and then got excited and sidetracked and started to share other items. So in order to keep truth in advertising, I thought I could recap each month what I was working on during that month last year. Here’s what was happening in my crafty world last February:


I was getting ready to take my macaron class and made little tags in anticipation of sharing my take home portion from the class. One lonely little macaron survived the car ride home to be presented to the Hubs. One macaron does not require a tag.



So I had to practice right away and followed up my class immediately the following weekend just in time for Valentine’s day by making this batch of chocolate macarons with raspberry jam and chocolate ganache filling


Then I followed that week with with a batch of my signature ganache brownies for our friend B. Because they were mostly for him I crafted a celebratory brownie banner so e could claim them, using a photo from a vacation adventure.


And finished the month with these handmade paper bags utilizing scrapbook paper. Cute, but I made some flawed construction and design decisions regarding type of glue ( not strong enough) and ribbon for handles (too wide, not right color) . Now I can make anytime and have them be better! Inspiration from Pinterest!

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