French inspiration for breakfast



I’ve been trying to make this recipe that I found on Pinterest, and finally decided I could make it for breakfast this morning because I needed desperately to feed the Hubs who hadn’t eaten since yesterday lunch. We also had two house guests last nite, our friends A &B, who came to see the Hubs in his production of Night Watch at Concord Players Players. When we got home from the theater at 11 pm, frankly we were more interested in adult bevvies than food.

Anyway, I set the tables with my new “Paris” pink dishes from Crate and Barrel, cut up some fruit poured some juice and assembled this take on a croque Monsieur in no time! Topped off with a simple fried egg, totally yummy. Would have been great with a Mimosa, but that would have required a post prandial nap, that I just did not have time for today.


For those of you who are theater lovers, “Night Watch” was written by Violet Lucille Fletcher who was the author of the famous film noir movie “Sorry, Wrong Number”!

Don’t you love the dishes? So good for spring and summer dining!

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