Planes, trains, and automobiles…


No good deed goes unpunished and no seemingly hassle free flight with an empty seat beside you goes unpunished either. Originally supposed to be out of Orlando at 1 pm, I had a productive morning of conference calls, cleaning email and finishing a project. Get through security in record time for this airport only to find flight delayed till 2:13. Equipment gets to gate at 1:45 and the little Jet Blue elves clean the plane and get us boarded by 2:10. Hmmmm, I think, not bad and voila, no one beside me. ( when does that ever happen anymore?)

Then things go terribly wrong. Long taxi time equals fuel burn. Not a problem unless you burn so much that you don’ t have enough to reach destination. But that’s ok because destination is socked in with fog and below FAA minimums ( Is that like a drink minimum? I’ll have wine. Thank you) I’m talking you ORH ( Worcester ,MA)! Let’s fly to Boston instead and we’ll bus you to Worcester when we land.

Sounds like a plan right? I mean other than the fact that the reason you are flying from Worcester in the first place is partly to avoid a Friday nite rush hour slog. But a plan nonetheless.

But plans are made to be broken and while we sit at gate to get new fuel numbers, Orlando is on a ground hold for thunderstorms….Oy. Plan A goes in circular file, bring up plan B.

Plan B involved a Iota of paperwork for the airline while we sat at the gate, then a long slog to runway where we were one of a kazillion planes jockeying to takeoff. Planes to the right of me, planes to the left of me, here I am. Finally, up in the air, free movies, but no good choices, so I finished a book and played way too many games of Free Cell.

Land in Boston where it is remarkably clear, Logan evidently had weather problems all day because at 8:30 on a Friday nite, it looked like a kicked over ant hill.

Then I find the JetBlue reps, who remarkably, were where the announcement said they would be in the terminal. They led the little band of Worcester refugees to the coaches. Zip down the Mass Pike, and then do a scenic tour of Worcester to get to the airport where everyone had a car parked except me. What’s this? No fog? Quelle surprise.

Off the bus into a cab and finally through my front door at 10:52 pm. Let me tell you a grilled cheese sandwich tastes like the best food in the world when you are that tired and hungry!

What should be remembered is that no iPhone battery lasts forever and it is especially true that when you need your phone, it will run out of juice and planes and busses have no power ports. This is the black beauty that got me through this long trek.


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