Truck Day!

Always good news, Saturday was Truck Day for the Boston Red Sox. Only in Boston can the day that an 18 wheeler packed with batting cages, bats, balls, uniforms, and ace bandages make the news. But every year, it’s practically Mardi Gras for Bostonians when the truck is packed up and ready to go. There’s face painting, there’s Wally the Green Monster wearing his Hawaiin shirt and throwing favors,there’s a giant Dunkin Donuts Cup. And in the great words of Julia Roberts  in “Pretty Woman”  … “hey, there’s a band!” I wonder why no one on the Red Sox has figured out that they could serve breakfast in the .406 club, charge $50 bucks a head and make a pantload of money for the Jimmy Fund. Who wouldn’t show up to eat scrambled eggs on a cold winter Saturday when you can’t play golf, garden or go to the beach? Unless of course, you are following the truck to Ft. Myers.

Other questions that need to be answered if you are a member of the Red Sox Nation…who will replace Jenny Dell? Is Steven Drew coming back? Just sign Jon Lester, and keep him in the organization for life, he’ll give you everything you need and then some.

Pitchers and Catchers report in 6 days!


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