Mastering the master…bedroom

Our master bedroom, along with the dressing room is in search of an identity. It had an identity when we first moved in, of the chocolate suite, but we got tired of that and moved in a very disorderly fashion to a lighter scheme. Then other events overtook us, and the bedroom was just eh, still comfortable and cozy and full of afternoon light, but no oomph. So this is part 1 of the saga of mastering the master. Completely forgot to take a before picture, but here’s the after:


Exhibited are clear hints for the coming color scheme….I like ocean and beach colors, so you see a lot of green and blue and browns in our rooms. Navy will be a big influence. Along with crisp white and “greige” walls? But it needed a little punch. So I’m going to add orange, like a buoy. I had this chair in the bedroom already, and again, Hubs did all the work. New coat of navy satin paint, covered the seat in a beautiful remnant of tone on tone embroidered orange linen. Found at Calico Corners for less than $10. New chair for less than $15. More developments, as they happen, will be revealed. Watch this space…

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